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Keep your Sales & Expenses organised, financials worked out for you and ready tax time! Focus more on what is important to you - Customer Satisfaction and Sales.

Your bookkeeping shouldn't take you hours each month. Book BAZAAR can do it all for you, freeing you up to focus on growing your business. Do more of the fun stuff!

Craft the perfect post!

We know it takes time to craft the perfect post, list the ideal item and then getting those sales. We tailor a financial management system that works with you, for you. The best part, we do the work so you can focus on your next viral post or FOMO offer!


Book BAZAAR simply makes it easy. Accurate and on time with their work. Now you can spend more time on what matters most to you!

ATO Compliance sorted out.

We know it takes time going through all your bank statements and figuring out what the merchant fees and postage costs are, it can get overwhelming really quick. Cross checking bank statements with PayPal statements, Stripe, Amazon, Afterpay and Shopify pay records. If you have ever tried reconciling your books you will know exactly what we are talking about.

At Book BAZAAR we handle all of that, prepare your business activity statements for the GST calculations and lodge your BAS electronically with the Australian Tax Office.

Transaction Fees

Each payment gateway, like PayPal and Stripe  have their own way of reporting the fees, and can make it difficult to figure out.

In Sync

Get on board and lets work together.  We are easy to communicate with and are readily accessible!

5 Star Support

Starting an online store is exciting and can also be overwhelming. We are with you every step of the way.

Selling made easy

eCommerce helps realise your entreprenueral dreams. Have you figured out your cross sell or upsell opportunities yet?

Extracting reports

Reporting is powerful, and there are heaps of them! Which information is relevant to grow your business. We can help you!

App Integrations

Apps on the marketplace that can work out all the fees and settlements, these can be of great help, if set up correctly!

Book BAZAAR is an Australian registered

BAS Agent

We use and love

ALL eCommerce platforms

Clicks and Bricks

Selling products or services - Online eCommerce can support your physical store

We live in interesting times. Who would have thought that your local weekend market stall selling grandma's knitted socks would be an online national phenomenom! Welcome eCommerce.

Gearing it up a bit, having your wares propped in the store front, impeccably merchandised for the sales season is just the start. Amp up your sales efforts by having a Gigrove eCommerce storefront set up and ready to get clicks from all over the country. Now we are talking omni channel presence, where your traditional bricks and mortar store is supported by an online eCommerce store. This is also known as clicks and bricks...or is it bricks and clicks!?

Inventory Management becomes ever more important so you dont miss out on crucial sales. This is key to ensure you always have stock to sell. The team at Book BAZAAR can help with that and can also help with identifying your top and bottom sellers to formulate strategies to make sure you dont run out of your top items. Strategies include dealing with slow sellers effectively and work out how to increase the number of items sold per basket to increase sales and grow healthy profits!

Stack 'em high, watch 'em fly! Now we are showing our true retail origins.

Get back your late nights!

Dispatching all the sales you made is exciting, have you factored in the silent costs like, the time given to package all the sold goodies to send to your awesome customers?

The experienced team at Book BAZAAR can guide you to better understand your own processes and look at ways to become more efficient. This saves you time and makes you money.

Omni Channel business support made easy.

Adding an online presence for your retail, food service or wholesale business is a smart move. Working the two channels - or more - seamlessly - poses unique challenges, and every business is different. Our tailored approach takes into consideration how you operate, we then make our recommendations, you make a decision and then we help you execute with optimised delivery.

Easy? We wouldn't have it any other way!

Top business save time & costs by 3x

“All the features you need and none you don’t.  Simplicity is key to help you become more productive to drive your customer satisfaction rates ... and sales, skyrocket!”
Zak - Book BAZAAR

Principal and Founder

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